130 Funny Fish Puns That’ll Have You Smelt-ing With Laughter!

funny fish puns

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This is a list of fish puns for you to enjoy.

Here you’ll find the best celebrity fish name puns, jellyfish puns, catfish puns, and goldfish puns around.

This list of funny puns about all kinds of fish will leave you “smelt-ing” with laughter!

 Let’s dive in!


16 Clever Goldfish Puns And One-Liners

Two goldfish are in a tank. One says to the other, “how do you drive this thing?”

What did the goldfish say when he got fed? Tank poo


orange goldfish & goldfish puns text


Which fish are the most valuable? “Gold”fish

Why are goldfish orange? The water made them rust

How do you make a goldfish age? Take out the G and Fish!

Where did the sick goldfish go for help? He went to the sturgeon

I saw a singing goldfish once in the Choral Reef.

What’s weirder than seeing a cat fish? Seeing a goldfish bowl.


funny goldfish memes


Did you hear about the goldfish who went bankrupt? Now he’s a bronze fish.

Where does a goldfish go on vacation? Around the globe.

Where does a goldfish keep its money? In the riverbank

What do sea monsters eat? Goldfish and ships.

Why did the fish pause mid-sentence? Because after three seconds he forgot what he was talking about.

Why will the goldfish never take responsibility? Because it’s always salmon else’s fault.

Why do goldfish always lose their court cases? Because they always look so gill-ty.

How do goldfish keep up to date? They surf the web for the “current” news.


19 Funny Jellyfish Puns & One-Liners

What do you call a jellyfish on a plane? A flightoplankton

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

The jellyfish caught in a net found himself in a jam.

Why did the jellyfish get bad grades? It was below sea level


funny jellyfish puns


Why did the jellyfish blush? He saw the boat’s bottom

What’s in the middle of a jellyfish? A jelly button

Just looking for my peanut butter fish

Don’t be jelly

I want to tell a jellyfish joke but too spineless

Have you heard the one about the jellyfish? It’s a no brainer

What would you call a jellyfish combat veteran? A man o war




At jellyfish school, the math teacher demands accura-sea!

The jellyfish have no structure in their lives, make no bones about it.

The jellyfish who became a private investigator suspected everyone because he thought they all smelled fishy.

Pockets are useless to jellyfish, you can see right through them.

I love jellyfish, I just can’t get over how stingin cute they are

I was surprised by the jellyfish’s temper, how shocking

That jar of spicy jelly had a reel bite to it

Why do jellyfish live in saltwater? Pepper makes them sneeze.


15 Cute Koi Fish Puns & One-Liners

Don’t be koi about it

What do you call a fake koi fish? A dekoi

Why don’t koi fish do calligraphy? Koipul tunnel

Koi vey!


koi fish puns


Have you ever met a shy fish? They are very koi

Why was the fish so bashful around his crush? He was feeling koi.

How do koi fish make decisions? The flip of a koin

How do koi fish prefer their submarine? Made with koil and vinegar


funny koi fish puns


It’s easy to weigh a koi fish when he has his own scales

What do you get when you cross a koi fish and an elephant? Swimming trunks.

Where do koi fish go to do yoga? The river bend

Where do koi fish take a bath? In a river basin

The kois and gills did swimmingly in school

Why is it that koi fish never go to war? Because they are paci-fish-ts.

Why do koi fish have troubled relationships? They are scared of intima-sea.


29 Fish Puns For Love & Romance

I’ve been herring rumours around town that you like me

Im so pollocky(lucky) to have you

Let’s make this o-fish-all


betta fish puns jokes


I fish upon a star

You’re so so-fish-ticated

You’re fin-tastic

I’m fin love with you

This got very fin-teresting

Love doesn’t get any betta than this

I’m hooked!

Salmon had to say it

Things are going pretty swimmingly!


love fish puns


I’d love to cuttle

Your plaice or mine?

You are my sole mate

Let’s go out, just for the halibut

Fish you were here

Hugs and fishes

I never manta hurt you

You’ve confishscated my heart.

We are simply in too deep.

I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you drown.

What is the fastest fish in the ocean? The one who got away.

I’d be love cichlid if you left me

Now that I’ve found you, I’m not lonely a nemo

You make me happy as happy clam be

You’re a catch

You give me porpoise

Aww sharks I think you’re jawsome


9 Funny Catfish Puns & Jokes

Which day do catfish hate? Fry-day!

What kind of fish chase mice? Catfish.


catfish puns memes


What did the catfish say when he posted bail? “I’m off the hook!”

Why don’t catfish pass their exams? Because they work below C-Level.

Why don’t catfish like basketball? Cause they’re afraid of the net

What party game do catfish like to play? Salmon Says.

Once that huge catfish got caught on the line, the jig was up.

Why do catfish swim in schools? Because they can’t walk.


21 Thank You Fish Jokes & Puns

I have so much grati-tuna!

Thanks for the great oppor-tuna-ty!

Thanks from the bottom of my carp

A krillion thanks

You helped when I was stuck between a rock and a hard plaice

Many tanks!




Holy Shrimp! This Scampi happening.

You’ve always had so much codfidence in me

It doesn’t get any betta than this.

You are a cod sent

Tang you so much!

Tanks for your kelp!

With friends like these, who needs anemones?


funniest fish jokes memes


What a re-reef to have you

You’ve been a reely big kelp

I cod not have done it without you

Tanks coral (for all) you do

I canth thank you enough

You’re shrimply the best

Let minnow how I can return the favor

Tanks to you we reached our goal fish


21 Best Celebrity Fish Name Puns

Betta White

Bruce Gillis

Cod Stewart

Marlin Monroe

Platy Holmes

Matthew McCodaughhey

Fin Diesel

James Pond

Fish Hemsworth

Fish Pine

Megan Mackerel

Fish Pratt

Swim Shady

Fishtian Bale

Tuna Turner

Guppi Goldberg

Leonardo DiCarpio

Sofia Ver-gar-a

Ms. Shell Obama


Vana Whitefish


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130 Funny Fish Puns, Jokes & Memes That'll Have You "Smelt-ing" With Laughter!

130 Best Fish Puns, Fish Jokes & One-Liners