The Best Betta Tanks For 2021 (Guide & Reviews)

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Betta fish are the perfect species for new and experienced fishkeepers alike.

They’re small, easily kept, fun to watch, and beautiful, too!

But just because Betta fish are easy to care for and don’t need much space doesn’t mean you can put them in any old tank or bowl! It would be best if you had an actual aquarium.

In today’s post, we’re going to cover the best Betta fish tanks on the market, so your finny friends can lead happy, healthy lives.

Ready? Let’s go!


Top 3 Betta Fish Tanks Overview

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How To Pick The Best Betta Tank

Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish with green plants

Before we go into our detailed reviews of the top Betta fish tanks, we’d like to quickly go over the most important considerations for making the right choice.

The main thing is to create a setup that provides a healthy habitat for your fish to thrive.

But here are the four top points you need to consider.


1- Best Betta Fish Tank Size

If you’re not careful, you could easily fall victim to poor advice saying that Betta can live in a bowl.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do this, and you will quickly have a sick or dying Betta on your hands — you don’t want that!

The truth is you need to have at least four or five gallons with the appropriate tank setup and accessories.

The problem with too-small bowls is that water quality will suffer. Ammonia and other harmful toxins build up to unsafe levels and can harm your fish.

Furthermore, Betta fish need space to swim around. Those beautiful, colorful fins can’t flow in cramped spaces, after all!

At the end of the day, some people on the internet may be able to house Betta fish in tiny bowls for a period of time. But if you’re serious about being a good pet parent, you’ll want to do things right the first time and get an appropriately sized tank for your Betta.


2- Betta Tanks Need Filtration

Next, one of the main reasons you can’t house Betta fish in bowls or vases is that the water absolutely needs to be filtered.

Can you imagine the kinds of food waste, biological waste,  and chemical toxins that can pile up in the water without adequate filtration? If that idea grosses you out, think of how your poor Betta would feel living there?

You’ll need to make sure you either purchase an aquarium kit that comes with a filtration system included or be willing to buy one separately.

Check out our guide & reviews of the best Betta filters on the market!


3- LED Lighting

You’ll also need to make sure you have adequate lighting for your fish tank. Betta fish need lots of light and actually prefer a more natural pattern of day and night.

Pick a LED lighting system that you can adjust at different times of the day, and you’ll be all set!


4- Temperature

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Finally, Betta fish thrive in warmer temperatures, so unless you live where temperatures are always hot, and you have no air conditioning, you’ll need a heater.

Betta fish need temperatures between 74° and 79°F, but temperatures should never go above 82°F.

Most aquarium kits, unfortunately, do not come with a heater. So you’ll have to get one on your own regardless of the aquarium setup you choose for your Betta.

Your best bet would be to get a heater that automatically shuts off when the water gets too hot, such as this 25-watt Small Fish Tank Heater, which includes a thermometer and is perfect for your standard 5-gallon tank.


Best Fish Tanks For Betta Reviews

the best betta fish tank reviews

Now that you know what to look for, here are our in-depth reviews for the best Betta fish tanks on the market.


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1- Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit (5-Gallon) 

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First on our list is the Fluval Spec V 5-gallon aquarium kit.

This is another great kit for Betta fish because not only is it another physically attractive option that is small enough to fit on desks and counters, but it has almost everything you need for a complete tank setup straight out of the box.

The tank has separate areas for the filtration system, enough space for a heater should you choose to add one, and there’s a super-bright LED light included as well.

The filtration system cleans water on all three levels — biological, chemical, and mechanical, so your Betta will have the freshest water possible. And filtration media is included with the tank, which is great because you don’t have to buy that separately.

One thing that could cause a problem depending on your fish’s size is that the water flow might be a little bit strong.

Luckily, the flow is adjustable.

If it’s still too strong, you could also get a sponge to tone down the flow slightly. But that may not be necessary.

Another thing is that the tank does not come with a heater.

You need to keep the water temperature between  74° and 79°F.

The best heater for this tank is the Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat.

But if that is too much for your budget, this 25-watt Small Fish Tank Heater works too!


What we like

  • Great design for small surfaces
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Super quiet pump
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes filtration media


What we don’t like

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Need to buy a heater separately



The Fluval Spec V is a great tank option for your Betta if you’re looking for a high-quality, name-brand tank that includes much of what you need to house your fish. However, you do need to purchase a heater and lid separately.



2- Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit 

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Runner up for best Betta tanks is the 5-gallon Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit.

Upon first glance of this tank is the unique, curved glass design that makes your fish tank a beautiful stand-out piece wherever you choose to place it.

The design goes beyond pure aesthetics, too.

The vertical style allows more swimming space for your Betta, which they are sure to enjoy.

Filtration is important with any fish tank, and you’ll be pleased to find three-stage filtration in this aquarium kit.

What’s more, the filtration media is neatly tucked away so it won’t obstruct your view of the fish.

This unit also has an adjustable flow, meaning you have full control of the water current based on your Betta size and its needs.

The Marineland aquarium kit also comes with hinged LED lighting, which you can choose from three settings: white, blue, and off.

An additional touch is the “shimmering” effect of the bright white lights. Not only does this look incredible inside the tank, but it mimics natural sunlight, which your Betta will absolutely love.

Overall, this is a great tank and starter kit for a Betta, and you can’t go wrong if you select this option.


What we like

  • Portrait design is perfect for desks or areas with corners
  • Looks great
  • Adjustable flow
  • Gorgeous lighting


What we don’t like

  • Narrow compartment in the back
  • Minimal space for plants and aquarium decor



If you’re looking for a small tank to house your Betta, the Marineland kit will get you started on the right track. It contains filtration media, LED lighting, a tank lid, and high-quality, curved glass that will last your Betta many years.



3- Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit (5 Gallons)

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Next, the 5-gallon Tetra Acrylic Aquarium Kit is another excellent choice, especially if you prefer acrylic over the glass.

The Tetra kit is a great starter kit because not only is it easy to set up, but it also has a unique, crescent shape that acts as a beautiful, standout accent piece and allows for nice viewing of your fish.

Additionally, the included Tetra Whisper filter is top-of-the-line as it is super quiet and provides the gold standard three-level filtration that aquariums need to stay clean.

If you’re on a serious budget, the Tetra Aquarium kit is at the lower end of the price spectrum, yet Tetra is a well-known brand that doesn’t compromise quality.


What we like

  • Good price for all that’s included
  • Crescent shape gives a sleek, modern look
  • Tetra Whisper name-brand filter is quiet and efficient
  • Easy to set up and maintain


What we don’t like

  • The filter is rather large
  • The lid is somewhat flimsy
  • Acrylic material scratches more easily than glass



If you’re on a budget and want a good starter tank for your Betta, you will do well with the Tetra Crescent kit. Acrylic does scratch more quickly than glass, and while the filtration system is of good quality, it is rather large. If you have more money to spare, you might prefer a different kit.



4-  Tetra ColorFusion Starter Aquarium Kit

If you’re looking for an affordable, colorful, super-fun starter kit for your pet Betta, the TetraColorFusion kit might be the perfect choice for you.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, boring, square, or rectangular aquarium by any means.

The half-moon shape looks really cool and allows for 180-degree panoramic viewing so that you can see your Betta swimming from all angles.

Unlike other tanks, the ColorFusion includes a bubble machine, which cycles through a set of colorful LED lights, creating iridescent bubbles that both you and your Betta will love.

Additionally, this tank kit comes with the signature Tetra Whisper filter and an air pump that powers both the filter and the bubbling disc.


What we like

  • Fun, half-moon design
  • Colorful bubbles add to the look and feel
  • Includes Tetra Whisper filter and air pump
  • Attractive price for those on a budget


What we don’t like

  • This is a very small tank (it’s best to go bigger )
  • The feeding hole is large, and Betta might jump out
  • The loose lid makes it hard to handle
  • Somewhat flimsy design (you get what you pay for)



Overall if you’re looking for a cute, fun, colorful tank to house your Betta but you are on a tight budget, the Tetra ColorFusion is probably one of your best options. However, if you have a bit more money to spare, you might want to spend a few extra bucks to invest in a higher quality product.



5- Marina LED Aquarium Kit (5,10, or 20 Gallons) 

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Next up for review is the Marina LED Aquarium Kit.

The great thing about knowing that you want to use this kit to house a Betta specifically is that you have different options with the sizing.

You can choose either the 5, 10, or even the 20-gallon Marina kit for Betta, depending on how many fish you want to put in the tank.

If you want just one Betta, opt for the 5-gallon tank.

If you think you want to add tank mates, make sure you check what fish are compatible with Betta and get one of the larger tanks with enough space to hold more than one fish.

Now, on to the review.

The Marina kits are all great because they have many accessories and add-ons that create the perfect habitat for your fish.

If you’re brand new to fishkeeping, the Marina kit is perfect for you because it has almost everything you need to get the perfect setup right out of the box (except for a heater).

Included in the box are a filter, fishnet, water conditioner (a huge bonus), fish food, and an LED light, which is necessary for your fish and for any live plants you plan to use as tank decor.

Another cool add-on to this aquarium kit that you don’t get in other setups is the biological water supplement, enabling you to use regular tap water to fill your tank without worry.

Marina Aquarium Kits also come with an easy-to-understand aquarium setup and essential care guide. So, if you have no clue what you’re doing — you can still get your tank set up just the way you’d like.

While the Marina Kits boast many attractive features, accessories, and add-ons, they are a bit pricier than other tanks and kits on the market.

But, if you can swing the extra cost, the quality is well worth the money.


What We Like

  • Includes many accessories you’d need to purchase separately (fish food, water conditioner, biological supplement, fishnet)
  • High-quality materials (durable glass, cover, bright lights)
  • Very easy to set up


What We Don’t Like

  • It does not come with a heater (this is common, however)



If you’re looking for a great fish tank option, the Marina is an excellent place to start. Note that you will have to buy a heater and thermometer, but that is common with most other tank kits. Also, Marina is more expensive than other brands, but if you can afford the extra cost, you’ll find it’s well worth it.



6- biOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light 

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The next tank up for review is the biOrb Flow. If you’re looking for a tank small enough to sit on your desk yet unique and different enough to be a stand-out piece for the design of your room, you’ll love this four-gallon tank.

This tank kit comes with a pump, airstone, fully remote LED lights, water conditioner, and filtration cartridges that need replacement every four weeks or so.

This biOrb tank is also unique in that it includes a five-stage filtration system — biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization, and oxygenation.

This tank doesn’t include a heater, but that’s pretty common with fish tank kits.

If you prefer acrylic to glass, you’ll love this tank as well.

Another cool feature is the hidden waterline for a seamless design.

But keep in mind that it is only four gallons, so you can only keep one fish in this tank.


What we like

  • The rounded design is roomy yet eye-catching
  • Gorgeous lighting that stands out
  • Five-stage filtration system
  • Acrylic is a lighter material


What we don’t like

  • While lighter, acrylic does scratch more than glass
  • 4-gallon tank size is tiny



If you’re looking for a compact yet trendy aquarium to house your Betta, the spherical four-gallon biOrb may be an excellent choice. Just keep in mind that this tank will only house one fish comfortably, and you’ll still need to buy a heater. But other than that, you’ll be good to go!



7- Hagen Fluval Flex

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Last but not least, if you’re searching for a larger tank that can hold more than just one Betta, the Hagen Fluval Flex 9 gallon aquarium kit will probably be your best bet.

The first thing you’ll notice (beyond the increased size) is the distinct design.

The Fluval Flex is not your standard rectangle-shaped aquarium. Rather, with its trendy, curved edges, it looks more like something you’d find at a museum than a fish tank.

With this tank, you will get quite a bit more space, but the tank is still compact enough to fit in a small space.

The tank’s curved-edge design is not only attractive, but it also magnifies the contents of the tank, so your fish and aquarium decor have more room, and everything looks much bigger, too!

This tank comes with a state-of-the-art 3-stage filtration system plus biological media that you need for clean, filtered water. And with the Hagen name brand, you know you’re getting a higher-quality product than some of the less popular brands on the market.

Next, this unit comes with a remote-controlled LED light. With just the click of a few buttons, you can try endless eye-catching color and effect combinations that both you and your Betta are sure to enjoy.

While the Fluval Flex is a quality tank, it is not without its flaws.

First, if you get the white tank, expect it to get dirty quickly.

Second, while still high-quality, the glass on this aquarium is a bit thin. If you have small children or think that might be a problem, you might want to get a sturdier model.

Finally, the Fluval Flex is slightly higher priced than some other models we’re reviewing, but we think it’s well worth the money.


What We Like

  • Curved glass make contents appear larger
  • Lightweight
  • A powerful three-stage filtration system
  • Remote-controlled LED lights
  • Hagen name brand is excellent quality


What We Don’t Like

  • The white tank can get dirty
  • A bit more expensive than some other models
  • Glass is thin, and this may be a concern for some with small children



If you’re looking for a high-quality, roomy fish tank for your Betta, you’ll be happy with the Fluval Flex. If the glass’s thickness is a major concern, however, you may want to spend your money elsewhere.



So, What’s The Best Betta Tank?

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Depending on your budget and space considerations, any of the tanks reviewed in this article would be excellent choices.

Our official recommendation is the Fluval Spec V, which has everything you need to house your Betta.

The filtration system is quiet, the unit is compact enough for small spaces yet roomy enough to include aquarium decor and a necessary heater, and the Fluval brand is one you can trust.

This tank will last your Betta for many years. So, if you want a one-and-done solution, grab the Fluval Spec V, and you can’t go wrong.

Happy fishkeeping!




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Best Betta Fish Tanks (Reviews & Buying Guide)